About Us

Born in the majestic snow-covered mountains, Snowten is more than just a ski jacket brand; it is a testament to purity, perfection and excellence. By combining the essence of “Snow” and the “Ten” standard, we are the embodiment of the passionate skier's enthusiasm for the sport and respect for our planet.

Our self-developed fabric adopts advanced 3-layer fabric technology, compared with the mainstream technology fabrics in the market, we can realize a better level of craftsmanship at the same price. Our fabrics have excellent waterproof performance, according to the test results, 6000mm+ can effectively protect against light rain, 8000mm+ can deal with medium rain, and up to 12000mm can withstand heavy rain.

Compared with many well-known big brands of ski jackets, their waterproof and vapor permeability effects are usually between 18,000-20,000, while our self-developed fabrics are able to achieve up to 22,000 MM+ waterproof index and 22,000G/M²/24H vapor permeability index. When doing high-intensity sports or outdoor activities, the body produces a lot of sweat, and a good vapor permeable punching jacket can help the sweat evaporate and dissipate heat, preventing the body from overheating and discomfort. This means that in outdoor skiing situations, our ski jackets are better able to keep your body warm and dry inside, providing reliable protection even in harsh weather conditions.

As for why we do what we do so well in the design of our products, our designer Daniel is a heavy skier who loves to go forward in harsh conditions, and once while skiing, he was filming the touching beauty of the winter season and preparing to go home to share these videos with his family and friends, when he was struck by an accident on the way to skiing. With a slippery slope ahead of him, he had to hastily slip his cell phone into his shirt pocket so that he could squeeze in a few moments to adjust his body's amplitude for the leap. When Daniel jumped and enjoyed the free gliding on the snow field, but at that moment the cell phone fell from the mid-air buried in the snow, and he also accidentally fell on the ground when he hurt his neck, when he came back to look for the cell phone can not be found, and can not find the good memories. In the midst of this remorse, he came up with an idea to design a fully functional ski jacket that would meet the needs of ski enthusiasts.

Daniel started to collect people's needs and pain points, he visited ski enthusiasts and professional competitors to collect their views on the current market ski jackets need to be improved, Daniel designed a brand new feature, adjustable inflatable back neck airbags, can protect our neck on the way to skating, to maximize the protection of human body due to the most fragile head injury caused by the fall. The front pockets and the windshield strip are made of FIDLOCK magnetic buckles, which can be completed in 0.02s at the earliest and maintain good suction, so you don't have to worry about dropping your belongings when putting them into the pockets in the process of gliding. The innovative cut and ergonomic design ensure that you have full freedom of movement while skiing. At the same time, we paid attention to the details, using features like high-quality zippers, sealed seams and adjustable snow skirts for better comfort and protection.

When Daniel went to the ski resort again to talk to people about the functionality of ski clothing, he noticed a phenomenon, most people were wearing the same model, the same color scheme, missing the individuality of being a human being, we should release our nature in this beautiful scenery. So Daniel and his partners started a months-long process of designing ski jacket patterns and color combinations on the premise of guaranteeing the functionality of ski jackets. They have been working to understand the preferences and needs of skiers and wanted to create a ski jacket that is both functional and unique. We visited a number of designers, including Tota Mori and Casper Wilde, and with their guidance, we were able to create a versatile ski jacket with a unique color palette and shape. Not only can they be used on the slopes, but they can also be used in a variety of scenarios, such as walking in the city, mountaineering, camping, riding on the road, or hiking in the great outdoors, our ski jackets provide a comfortable fit and excellent protection. daniel puts fashion into every aspect of daily life, not just in the outdoors. Our ski jackets are more than just a functional piece of gear, they are a way to express your personality and show off your style. With our ski jackets, you can not only stand out on the slopes, but also show your unique charm in everyday life.

I believe that such ski jackets will become the first choice for skiers and outdoor explorers. Whether you are on the snowy mountains or in the city, our ski jackets will bring you comfort, style and individuality. Skiing is no longer just a sport, it has become a unique lifestyle. Let's put on this versatile ski jacket, explore the beauty of nature together and release the passion of the soul.